About Us

Bib petfood (Brochibeto S.L.) was founded in July 2003.

In the first 18 months of the company, bib petfood formed an extensive network of clients in Spain. It was then, that she decided to expand her activities abroad.

The work plan followed the same philosophy which had been implemented since the beginning: to offer her clients not only our own, but also their own brands, therefore maximizing the development of private branding.

Taking advantage of this acquired know‐how, bib petfood transfered this work philosophy to other foreign markets.

The first foreign market bib petfood entered was France.

After a year went by working in both the French and the Spanish markets, bib petfood decided to extend again their commercial frontiers to new countries.

In a highly competitive market, we offer our clients extensive flexibility, a customized treatment and immediate attention.

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