What types of products does bib petfood offer?

We at bib petfood have a large variety of brands, which cover a wide range of products: from basic to top premium quality.

In all our brands we offer maximum warranty for quality and shelf life.

With no exception, all our products are produced as of the moment of receipt of order and in an extremely short space of time. This enables our clients to receive their ordered goods at their warehouses very quickly.

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Immunity Protection


New pet food for dogs and cats, best balance between price and quality. Brochibeto

Dental Care

High Digestibility

Calory Control

Development Care

First Level is developed, covering all the dog and cat needs during each stage of life. Brochibeto, bib pet food, bib petfood

Improved Brain Development

Long Life Quality

Joint Care

Calcium Plus

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Strong Heart

Hairball Protection

Urinary Protection

Big Size Kibbles

Hair & Skin Care

Special Low Temperatures